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ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1542
Okay. This release is already available for download, and fixes a -O3 bug (another one). The most common effect is some optimizations NOT being done.
Please, download and test: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
OOh. Nice.

I've been away from coding due to time pressures and HORRIBLE cold.
I downloaded it yesterday night and so far everithing is working ok.
But not understanding why this was hidden in "Bug reports" section :wink:
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Shhh. It's a secret version.

I think Boriel probably means it to be a test version, not an official "clean release". That usually why.

In other words, we're guinea pigs who break it and scream about it on here....
Whoa! is that so? Thats mean! :twisted: But it is vot a new version with adder features, so it would be better to call it 1.2.5 Service Pack 1.
Until now I had not found bugs yet.
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