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ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1542 - boriel - 04-05-2010

Okay. This release is already available for download, and fixes a -O3 bug (another one). The most common effect is some optimizations NOT being done.
Please, download and test: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Re: ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1542 - britlion - 04-06-2010

OOh. Nice.

I've been away from coding due to time pressures and HORRIBLE cold.

Re: ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1542 - apenao - 04-06-2010

I downloaded it yesterday night and so far everithing is working ok.

Re: ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1542 - LCD - 04-06-2010

But not understanding why this was hidden in "Bug reports" section :wink:

Re: ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1542 - britlion - 04-07-2010

Shhh. It's a secret version.

I think Boriel probably means it to be a test version, not an official "clean release". That usually why.

In other words, we're guinea pigs who break it and scream about it on here....

Re: ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1542 - LCD - 04-08-2010

Whoa! is that so? Thats mean! :twisted: But it is vot a new version with adder features, so it would be better to call it 1.2.5 Service Pack 1.
Until now I had not found bugs yet.