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Dealing with "Out of Memory" errors
Hi RandomiserUsr,

Up until now, I've been using something like this:

zxbc --org 26000 -t --strict --debug-memory --heap 6144 -B -a galacticon.bas

--though have tried varying the heap size from 4096 up to 8192 (at the highest level, I get out of memory almost immediately) and also the origin address.

With the above compile command, I get a code block of length 32,628, which I believe includes a 6k heap at the top of the block, so occupies memory 26,000 through to 58,628. I also have some UDGs that are loaded separately to 65,368.

I can't use the --debug-array option as it causes the compiler to crash (I use a pre-existing Python installation, so suspect something isn't quite as required).

The --mmap option looks potentially useful. At least I can see if the extent of the program is as expected.


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