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128k memory paging, how can we do that? :S
boriel Wrote:
LCD Wrote:Ooops, you are right, I overseen it. Thanks! Generally I prefer 128K USR0 mode because interrupts are not harmful in this mode.
128K USR0 :?: What is this mode?
(I'm still learning this Tongue maybe I can do something for it in the compiler).
USR0 mode is if you enter in 128 BASIC the command USR0. This resets the machine into 48K ROM but with enabled 128K features like AY or bank switching+second screen.
You cannot use +3 DOS or RAMDISC commands, but you also don't need to POKE 23388 to switch banks, OUT 32765 is enough. DivIDE also works in this mode on Spectrum 128K machines.
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