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slenkar Wrote:oh ok,thanks

did you code it mostly with your own code or did you use some libraries? most of it seems to be machine code

also M and I seem to do things in the game, not sure what yet

"M" It is used in certain times, teleportation, take object, place it, ... "I" moves the inventory, (when you have something).

Well, I'm learning ASM, that's why there are so routine in ASM. The ZX BASIC is fantastic, and one of its qualities is to mix BASIC and ASM very easily, it´s a very good tool to learn ASM !! Big Grin

Most of the routines are mine ... and bad :mrgreen: , with BASIC commands have worked better, but it is a way to learn.

(Excuse my English, I speak english as bad as I program :oops: )

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