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missing colour 9 - bug or feature lack
britlion Wrote:
nitrofurano Wrote:the problem, or danger, of naming oblique as italic is just like "telling a lie often to become a true", just like the indian castes, or people saying bullfight is tradition or culture, or even saying hackers are the same as crackers (like most of the "journalists" shamefully does, ignoring completelly about MIT hacker ethics), etc.. - in my oppinion, the only way to correcting this kind of mistake, specially when sadly it is becoming a convention, is doing our part on avoiding it, even when we are doing this alone

I honestly think that there's more likelihood of creating more confusion than less - most people won't understand because it's becoming a convention; so they'll lose access to such a nice feature.

More importantly, I also think this is such a small issue that I'd much rather Boriel spends his time getting new features into the compiler or making it faster than spending time renaming functions - and while he's at it, breaking all the code written that uses "italics" as well. That's just going to annoy programmers who will have to recode projects if they want them to work again.

that's why i suggested the deprecation - the focus on 'oblique', and using 'italic' as alias, showing a kind of error message while compiling, but compiling anyway

boriel Wrote:I already know about the italic/oblique thing (someone in fact, documented that in the wiki already, and has been discussed here).
I neither compare it to such horrid thinks (e.g. the bullfight in Spain, and many spaniards -me included- think it should be banned nowadays, regardless its a "tradition") nor understand very well the relation to this matter. :?:

the relation is only just another example of "lies told often becoming true", i just cited some examples about that, and that about 'ellipse vs oval' situation were also included there

boriel Wrote:I just simply use Italic because as other people pointed, it's a most common used term (even in Word, the I is for oblique). Also the word Italic is much more known than Oblique. In Spanish we say "Cursiva", by the way. So don't know where this come from.

There are many other examples of mis-application of words. Ej. for Function Library, the mistranslation "Librería" (book shop) has been widely accepted insted of "Biblioteca", etc...

well, "Word" (from Microsoft) is a specialist on making (and spreading) mistakes, see MSDN for example, they are struggling all the time on that huge and redundant documentation they pretend to write - Microsoft is just a joke, and i think they must not be took seriously! Big Grin - and see also a list of mistakes Microsoft also helped a lot on spreading:

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