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Dealing with "Out of Memory" errors
Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to ZXBASIC, though think I have mostly got the hang of things and am using it to write a new game.

I am seeing intermittent Out of Memory issues (when compiling with --debug-memory), which I believe means I am running out of heap space. However, I've tried increasing the heap quite significantly (e.g., up to 8 kb) with little effect. I've also tried reducing the dependence on string arrays/ variables, in case this was the problem.

If I see an intermittent Out of Memory error mid-way through a program, long after most variables should have been defined, will it be heap-related or could it be something else?

Any suggestions for debugging my code, or properly sizing the heap, would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Dealing with "Out of Memory" errors - by georgeo - 03-08-2021, 01:09 PM

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