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Ad Lunam
[Image: AdLunam.png]

Hi everybody,

this is my first project made with ZX-Basic: Ad Lunam, a strategy/management game for the 48K ZX Spectrum where you are put in charge of the space program of the United States or of the Soviet Union. Starting from 1956, you must send a crew on the Moon and safely back to Earth within 20 years.

Before you even attempt such a task you must research new spacecraft and equipment, plan and carry out missions, recruit and train pilots, and try to stay ahead of your opponents.

The game has not yet reached its final stage, and is currently at version 0.2. Users should be able to play it to the end, although some features have not yet been implemented, fine tuning is needed and bugs might still be present. So beware!

For now, game and documentation are only available in English. Italian will follow, then Spanish, and possibly other languages as well. There's a very large amount of text in it, so translation won't be an easy task.

Download link will stay unchanged on every release. Here it is: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!
Wow! :o
A simulation game!!! I love them! :!:
This looks very promising 8)
Look forward to play this game, really. :roll:
Please update when it's finished. :roll: :roll: :roll:
Thanks! Big Grin

More news and updates will follow as soon as they are ready, so stay tuned!
Version 0.3 is here!

What's new:
  • Choose one out of three difficulty levels at the start. Parameters affected are: funds, prestige, fund multiplier factor, mission control handicap
  • Chance of random events at the end of each turn. Some will need certain prerequisites to happen, e.g. available pilots
  • Italian version now available
  • Various bugfixes and code optimizations

The game is now close to its definitive form. Again, memory left is still very scarce; I guess graphics and sound will be postponed to a prospective 128K version. What is needed now is a lot of fine tuning. This can only be done through playing sessions. Let's see what happens next.
Versión en castellano en desarrollo! La finalización se acerca siempre más Cool

[Image: Ad-Lunam-ES-1.png]
[Image: Ad-Lunam-ES-2.png]
[Image: Ad-Lunam-ES-3.png]
Oh how cool!! Heart
Thanks for sharing them!

Also, I've released a new version recently (1.9.6). If possible, please check if that version also works ok with your program (it should). Smile
(11-02-2019, 02:12 PM)boriel Wrote: Also, I've released a new version recently (1.9.6). If possible, please check if that version also works ok with your program (it should). Smile
Yes it does  Wink
Finally, exactly five months after the first announcement, version 1.0 is here! As promised, game and documentation are available in three languages: Italiano, English and Español. Source files included. Download the whole package from the usual address.

I worked hard to correct bugs and make some other adjustments, the game is now playable and completable. However, given its complexity, there could still be some imperfections. Please report any feedback in this thread.

Awesome, Thanks!!! Smile
Hi everyone, the game has been updated to version 1.01.

What's new:

- To exit the technician choice screen it is no more necessary to insert a number of technicians, then press "0" to cancel. Just insert "0" and you will be brought back to the previous menu.
- Some slight modifications in the text for both manual and game.
- The Spanish translation has been revised by EquinoxeZX.
And now it is the time for version 1.1. Many of the changes were made for consistency with Ad Lunam Plus; in addition to that, several potential bugs discovered when the code was taken as the basis for Ad Lunam Plus were fixed.

Note: savegames for this version are not compatible with those from version 1.01.
  • At game start, you now have to choose your country first, then the difficulty level.
  • ­Some specifications have been changed, see user manual for details.
  • The initial funds amount for easy, medium and hard difficulty changes from 150, 120 and 90 to 170, 135 and 100 respectively.
  • Initial prestige for easy, medium and hard difficulty changes from 90, 80 and 70 to 105, 90 and 75 respectively.
  • Calculation of funds assigned every year according to prestige is slightly more favorable.
  • Possible extra funds/budget cuts at the end of a turn are fixed at +20/-20.
  • The criteria for the calculation of the final score have been modified.
  • Various corrections and optimizations in the game code and messages.
  • New “Tips” section in the user manual.

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