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Text scrolling
I'm continuing my porto of an old ZX Spectrum program.
Now the next problem:
It was text based and printed everything to the bottom of the screen and the rest of the screen was scrolled.

With the Boriel Basic the behavior is different: Once the bottom of the screen is reached printing rolls over and continues at the top of the screen.

Is it possible to change the behavior so that it scrolls?
You can scroll the screen using the scroll.bas library, but I can also add the default scroll behaviour to the compiler.
What compiler version are you using?
zxb 1.9.2
I had a look at scroll.bas.
It seems that this is are bare scrolling routines.
I.e. it is not connected with printing or is it?
I mean, it does not automatically scroll if I printed the whole screen. Or does it?
But I can enable normal PRINT behaviour for compatibility. Will add that update. :roll: (nobody wanted Scroll before)
OK, thanks.
Try this version (beta), and tell me if it works.
It's exactly as 1.9.2. It just add the print scrolling (without the "scroll?" message!)
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And tell me, please :roll:

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