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Is posible hide variables unused message on some functions?

I know that i have variables unused on assembler functions

where I use assembler only and i grab the values for example like this LD E, (ix+8)

Is there any pragma or something to not show this on the compiler message?

because if i have a lot of assembler functions there are a lot of messy output on the compiler

with message like this : warning: Parameter 'parameterName' is never used

Can i hide this type of message when i know that is "unused" in a assembler function?

If i can hide this type of message is more easy to develop

i don't know something like

#thisFunction dontShowThisTypeOfMessage

I don't know if i explained myself

This is being worked on, but it's not yet available.
1) The ability to hide / disable some kind of warnings from the comdline
2) The same but using #pragma directives.

Will notify then it's done.

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