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Compiling +D G+DOS programs

I have a lot of programs written in the +D G+DOS, but I have problems when I try to compile commands like: LOAD D*"filename" or LOAD d1"filename".

None of the commands to load or save files, or format disks, can be compiled.

The +D ROM is completely disassembled (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) but I don't have the knowledge to work from Basic with the +D "Machine Code".

Maybe it's possible to add in the future some options in the ZX Basic Compiler to allow work with G+DOS programs?

Thanks Smile
Yes, this can be done through a library. I don't own such model (perhaps in an emulator). But I know many people working on this already.
Will put more info about it soon (or if anybody is reading this topic, perhaps s/he could answer it).

Thanks you very much.

I wait your news. Big Grin

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