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1.8.1 error unexpected token 'ELSEIF'
Estaba compilando correctamente con la version estable 1.7.2 y al actualizar a la version 1.8.1 en desarrollo me sale esto: Alguna idea?
Was compiling correctly with the stable version 1.7.2 and update to the version 1.8.1 in development I get this: any idea?

if n=0 then c="\a"
elseif n=1 then c="\{i6}\b" -->error unexpected token 'ELSEIF'
elseif n=2 then c="\{i2}\c"
end if
Have you tried with newlines?
if n=0 then
elseif n=1 then
elseif n=2 then
end if
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True. "ELSEIF" requires newlines.

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