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Version 1.0.8 released!
This release includes new fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed a bug in the PRINT command when printing floating point numbers due to a Spectrum ROM Bug. The temporary attributer were not being used.
  • Fixed a bug in the STR$ function that made the program to freeze and also clears the temporary attributes (related to the ROM bug as above).
  • Fixed a bug in the assembler which, sometimes won't assemble if #init directives were used. Also some code clean up.
  • Now you can enter ink/paper codes and graphic characters ala BASIN (read below)
  • Added shift bit instructions (SHL, SHR)
About the spectrum ROM bug. The original STR$ Basic function clean up the temporary attributes. Try this in your ZX Spectrum:
The bug causes that PAPER 2 has no effect (you should see a "0" over a red background). ZX Basic workaround this bug now.

To enter an UDG character like "A" type \A. For example:
PRINT "\a": REM This will print UDG "A"
The numeric graphics characters can be obtained using the backslash (as above) followed by two punctuation characters. These ones are: [ ] ['] [:] and [.] characters. Each dot represents a square in the graphic character. Try this:
10 PRINT "\  \::\:'\:.\..\'."

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