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New version 1.7.0 released!
Well, long time I don't announce new releases here (usually goes to Facebook or twitter).
This one is version 1.7.0 which includes:

- Some fixes and better stability
- Added (finally!  8) ) READ, DATA and RESTORE which, essentially work very much like the ones in Sinclair BASIC (i.e. DATA with complex expressions supported)
- Can now call SUBs with no parenthesis: mysub 1, 5, a, 3*c    (expanded syntax)
- Can now call FUNctions with 1 or no parameters with no parenthesis.
Download it here:
Edited the reserved word list; but not created entries for READ/DATA/RESTORE
Oh thanks a lot, Britlion!!
I'm going to fill these!
Okay, I've documented (somewhat) them.

This can be improved, of course. Any help would be appreciated.

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