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PRINTAT64(0,0) not working on zxbasic-1.4.0s1995 (*solved*)
boriel Wrote:According to this experiment, it's working as expectedPlease, just in case, redownload 1.6.12, try again and tell me? :roll:

Sorry. Haven´t I done it in the past already? Confusedhock: ... In the future I promise you that I don´t want to use BorIDE anymore for compiling. (BorIDE current version).
Only for editing. For compiling I´ll use a Batch like this:

FOR /F "delims=|" %%I IN ('DIR "*.BOR" /B /O:D') DO SET NewestFile=%%I
"C:\BorIDE\ZXBv1612\zxb.exe" -B -a -t "%NewestFile%" -o "C:\BorIDE\OUTPUT.TAP"
in the future.

BorIDE was the problem as it compiles not right... whatever the cause is exactly. :roll:
No worries.
Just notify LCD about this issue so he could assist you with the problem.

Regardless to the version, despite it reads 1.6.12, I reuploaded 1.6.12 because the 1st time it was wrong. Just that.

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