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sgn fails if the argument is a variable
zxb version 1.4.0-s1980

dim y as uByte=1
print sgn y
print sgn 2

This wont compile. sgn <number> is fine. sgn variable isn't.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 348, in <module>
  File "", line 274, in main
  File "ast_\ast.pyc", line 34, in visit
  File "arch\zx48k\translator.pyc", line 340, in visit_UNARY
api.errors.InvalidOperatorError: Invalid operator "SGN"
Build Failed!

Definitely a regression, as it worked fine with an older compiler!
Thanks Britlion!! :roll: (BTW nice to see you here!)
BTW I've reactivated ZX Basic development, finally.
Will address it ASAP. :!:
Ok, I think it's fixed.

Can you download ZXBasic 1.4.0s1995
and check if it works ok? :roll:
I've added some tests, but not sure if the coverage is complete (Float, Fixed, Uinteger, Integer, Long... etc)

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