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Different Result with one more empty line (*solved*)

I tried ZX Basic Latest Development Version latest stable version (1.4.0s1968) with BorIDE and discovered the following:

When I compiled a program source-Code with 4 empty lines in it, it crashes the program on my ZX Spectrum.

.zip (Size: 7.78 KB / Downloads: 615)
When I delete one of those 4 empty lines so I have only 3 empty lines, the program runs without crashing.

.zip (Size: 1.29 KB / Downloads: 655)
I tested with ZX Basic Current Stable Version 1.3.0s1121 and with this, the program runs without crashing
with four or three empty lines.

Tested some more.... with a bigger sourcecode, I also discover the crash,
even on ZX Basic Current Stable Version 1.3.0s1121

.zip (Size: 1.29 KB / Downloads: 663)
Could you please tell me, what I should avoid in my sourcecodes e.g. foreign characters, empty lines or so?
As I only use ZX Basic with BorIDE for now - is there a way to discover compile errors from windows commandline?
I cannot debug your source code (need TR-DOS?). If you tell me how can I emulate this I would be grateful.

I have compiled both listings with zxb --asm to get the assembler listing, and both listings return the same output code.
You can check the generated asm with zxb --asm
If the generated asm varies if you change the comments or blank lines, this is definitely a compiler bug.
But I cannot reproduce your problem (the generated ASM is always the same).
The only difference I see is some static strings "written in Boriel ZX BASIC with ..." being placed after o before the string "TRDOS_v5_MCODE_CAT_to_SCREEN_TEST6_ERROR" sometimes. This should not affect your execution unless TR-DOS or your system is doing something with memory pagination or the like.

Can you try your files out of BorIDE and compile them from the command line with zxb -TaB <yourfile.bor> ?
boriel Wrote:ICan you try your files out of BorIDE and compile them from the command line with zxb -TaB <yourfile.bor> ?
Thanks for your suggestion. Compiling both files with ZXB generate the same .TZX-FIles and both run well under the SpecEmu Emulator I use.

So it seems to be an issue of BorIDE.

I´ll test some more next days and write my results back here then.
Any news on this?
boriel Wrote:Any news on this?
It´s really an Issue of BorIDE. Tested yet many times. Compiles not from within BorIDE but compiles without problems when compiled from commandline.
(Tried with ZXB 1.6.2).

I compared and testet BorIDE .CFG-Files (Configfiles for BorIDE) but cannot find out whats the problem.

I think you could mark this thread with *SOLVED* as it´s not an issue with ZXB!

I now use commandline for compiling this source-codes.


Ok. Will put a (*solved*) but this thread is open, so LCD can read and answer this. Hopefully he will fix it...

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