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Hi guys.

I was kinda bored this weekend (being at work and such), so i was making this little thing.
It's no good game by any means, but i had fun coding it and thats what matters to me ^_^
It's called Lamega, as in Lame Galaga ^_^

[Image: KDV0EeF.png]

You can get it here:

PS: If you wonder what's the difference between levels, the baddies descent quicker...
Not bad,

If you wanted to improve it you could give the enemy movements some predictability,
like making them move in arcs
Yeah, i didnt spend much time on "ai". basicly, on level start i assign to each bug a random direction they will move in and then on each move they make they randomly decide if they will do what they did last turn (70%), move left, center or right (10% each). Wanted to finish the thing in a weekend and more elaborate ai would not permit me to do that. Plus it's abowe my abilities as of yet ^_^. Will leave that for Lamega II, revenge of something or other ^_^
wow!! looks great!! Confusedhock: (being very busy at work these days, guys, sorry) Sad

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