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recreate zxb.exe
Hello everyone, I have modified some of the source files .py compiler because I want to create
a version of ZXBasic specific for MSX.
Then I re-created the executable with py2exe with this command: "C:\Python27\python py2exe"
But the problem is that now the compiler ZXB.EXE It takes a few seconds to complete, whereas before it was instant.
Should I change some settings?
Thank you and best regards.
It shouldn't. I mean, I use the same instructions to build the zxb.exe.
But before doing that, please, execute (with no arguments) once. Since it will regenerate the compiler tables (.py files).

Other than that, I always wanted to port ZXB to both MSX and Amstrad, but lack info about these computers.
What changes did you make? would you like to contribute them to the main source? (basically, zxb --arch=msx/zx48k/amstrad was planned).
hello, I tried to run (without arguments) but it is the same. Now I get some "warning" when creating the file "ASM" by "BAS". With the original EXE not happened and the compilation was immediate.

Ok, I can help you gladly!

I'm very fond of MSX, I am creating a program that uses zxbasic, this is the IDE yet to be completed:

[Image: 2.png]

I'd like to make sure that the program creates the ASM for MSX (in the future also for other computers, Amstrad, etc ...) that takes advantage of the entire available memory for disk or cartridge. All this will have to think of the compiler.

Now I'm working and I'm also learning how to work ZXBasic!

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