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How to scroll ATTRibutes in "WindowScrollUp"?
Hi, i'm restyling an old basic program i made in far 80s, a vertical Scramble-like game.

This great WindowScrollUp routine scrolls only the screen data, not the colour attributes...

The need is to include a window-attribute-scroll too (but please don't suggest to "POKE" attr addresses inside a FOR/NEXT basic routine, the game would slow-down too much - it should be assembly language inside the same ASM routine)!

Does someone already succeeded?
Good to know someone is using all the routines I've put in there over the years Big Grin

You should try <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... trScrollUp</a><!-- m --> - I added this for you. Since it takes the same parameters as the pixel up scroll, you can call one after the other; though you have to decide what to put colour wise in the last row yourself - it leaves it untouched.

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