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How to scroll ATTRibutes in "WindowScrollUp"?
Hi, i'm restyling an old basic program i made in far 80s, a vertical Scramble-like game.

This great WindowScrollUp routine scrolls only the screen data, not the colour attributes...

The need is to include a window-attribute-scroll too (but please don't suggest to "POKE" attr addresses inside a FOR/NEXT basic routine, the game would slow-down too much - it should be assembly language inside the same ASM routine)!

Does someone already succeeded?
Answered in post <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">how-to-tutorials/how-to-scroll-attributes-in-windowscrollup-t986.html#p5530</a><!-- l -->
Thanks Britlion!! I've been looking for it and could not find it!!
I only just posted it. Saw your ask a couple of days ago, and decided I should code something to do that job up for you.

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