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[msx] Little Nemo slideshow, laced screen12, 4mb ascii16 rom
done on Boriel's ZX-Basic Compiler as well! \o/

for now, this is just a test, it seems very interesting games for msx can be done (and 4mb .rom cartridges, and using laced screen modes, are really rare)

(broken link?: )
broken link above, try
nitrofurano Wrote:broken link above, try
This is very interesting. How can I access it? (Dropbox tells me it does not exists) Sad
thanks for letting me know - it seems that dropbox changed a lot their public html structure - i also struggled downloading stuff from others - i don’t know how fine is this one:
This one works ok, thx!! Big Grin
It lacks the file library/msxromheader.bas
I guess it is needed...

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