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+3e FileBrowser

Im new in this forum.
First of all I would like to thanks to Boriel and the rest of the people involved in developing ZX Basic Compiler. Its really great!

Well, as the title says, Im writing a file browser/game launcher for the +3e (paired to an IDE device):
[Image: browserw.jpg]

Also I uploaded a video on u-tube:

Its an early version, but the basic functionality is working (cat and load from the selected partition). It can load .BAS files as well as snapshots (Z80 and SNA).
The idea is to add some basic partition management features (create, erase, rename, copy files from one to the other)...will see if I can manage to code that.
The code is probably rough and needs some tweeks, which hopefully will do as I learn more about the Boriel's ZX Basic features.

Here you can download the first working version:

And if someone is interested having the source just let me know. Its nothing fancy but I can post it here anyway.

Sorry for the delay (I've been out).

This is awesome!!   Cool
Thanks for posting!
I cant' believe this has been done with ZX BASIC.

Let me spread it in the spanish forums...

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