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@ addresses "not constant" (*solved*)
DIM MapPtr as uInteger = @Map

This comes back with Initializer expression is not constant.

And it is - shouldn't this expression work?

It works if the following line is MapPtr=@Map as a let.
I'm afraid I forgot to implement that case, but I guess It could be done. Let me check it... Tongue
It's taking longer than expected (I've switched job, meanwhile BTW :mrgreen: )
Hope to finish the fix today.
*blink* Again?

Er, congrats on the new job!
britlion Wrote:*blink* Again?

Er, congrats on the new job!
It's a research job (despite the crisis), and I'm very happy with it. Smile Thx.

BTW, I've finally fixed this "bug". In fact it's not a bug, but a compiler expansion feature. Took me more than expected (a hard one!).
So please, everybody check this version deeply before going further. :oops:

Please, download, version [url="]1.3.0s670[/url], and tell me. :roll:

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