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mc1000: string processing not working fine as on zxspectrum
during the process of using zxbasic-compiler for creating stuff for mc1000/gem1000/charlemagne, besides having problem with rnd, i'm also having problems when dealing with string processing (like using libraries for drawing text)

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there you have the .wav which opens on Mess emulator ('mess mc1000' or 'mess mc1000 -ramsize 48k' - scrolllock+insert for accessing tab - enter 'tload' - and select and play the .wav file in the tab options - it takes almost 2 minutes loading ) - there is the source code as well

i don't know if the string commands are related to zx-spectrum rom routines, stack issues, or something else

btw, is there some other method i can help to test string processing, like snippets? i think this issue is somehow concerning, since the zxbasic-compiler project is being extended to other targets like this one, sms, and some others in embrionary stage (like msx, amstrad-cpc, mattel-aquarius, enterprise, and sam-coupé)

if more people here is trying to use zxbasic-compiler for creating binary or assembly stuff targeting other hardware than zx-spectrum, please share your feedback - and what and how code must be tested, and issues fixed or avoided

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