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Steroids Sports Diving: Splash. New crap game
I have decide to post this game here because, even when it's a crap game, it's somehow fun to play and has that -one more try- factor.

It's done 100% with boriel's compiler, but uses some external routines like the 64 char print (from britlion, iirc) and a decompression routine by metalbrain adapted to work with this compiler.

I usually does these crap games as a routine laboratory for the moment I finally decide to do a proper game, but this one is a bit less crap than the rest (but it's crap still).

[Image: splashmenu.gif]

[Image: splash.gif]

If anyone is interested, it's uploaded in this year's CSSCGC competition:

I hope you like it Smile
ha that GIF is hilarious
Very good ¡¡¡ :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
No chances to win. Not crap enough! I like it.
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