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Does anyone Know where LCD's IDE is?
Where I can download them as I would love to have crack on ZX Basic Compiler on LCD IDE Smile :mrgreen:
Its not available except for a very old version I use Tommygun which is ok for the time being

You mean Tommygun IDE?

IF Yes, where can I find it please?
I hope you found one or both of them already but:

BorIDE from LCD:

If you PM me, I can send you the current version, which is not 100% in working state, but very usable now. Only some parts are not working yet, but I use it everyday. Yesterday I added MegaLZ compression for DEFB Lines (Used in my "Youkai Harvest"-project to compress graphics), DEFB-graphics Data reorder (not fully tested yet). Now also the number of selected characters is displayed (for adjusting strings to screen size), also the graphics editor (stilkl only 20% finished) can import monochrome tritone graphics and export as DEFB-Data.
There is just one thing: Because the loader sets the attribute to INK 0, PAPER 0, BORDER 0, (yes, it creates now a own loader as preparation for Binary manager - 128K support and such stuff) you must change them yourself, which is anyway a good idea.
I'm out this weekend to help a friend repairing his house, so continuing coding next week.
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