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ZX Basic Compiler?
Hello All

I have download the ZX Basic Compiler and I dont know which Compiler do I have click as I want type in Basic Smile

There is


I do know other one is asm (ZXbasm.exe)

please let me know Smile
You have to use zxb.exe, but currenty there are no windows/IDE program. Just command line!
If you want and IDE, use LCD's IDE, but I can't remember where to download it... :oops:
Hi YM, and welcome.

I still use Tommygun, not having got hold of a fully working IDE from LCD Smile

There's a howto get it working thing boriel did here:

Basically, you download and install it, make a project (e.g "mygame"), then add a basic file (under "code") to the mygame project - it should be called, therefore, "mygame.bas" - and then after opening that, you can set the compiler settings as Boriel describes in the howto.

If you have any difficulties, get back to me, and I'll make sure to get you sorted and setup - even if it means a phone call! Tongue
TommyGun has been discontinued Sad (and source code released, BTW: ).
boriel Wrote:TommyGun has been discontinued Sad (and source code released, BTW: ).

I know Sad

Still works, though.
You can download my BorIDE from my site (look at signature), but this version has some problems with multitabs, so I recommend to use only one source code, but new version is on the way. Currently I'm learning ECDL, but less than one week until the final test (which is easy - Powerpoint), then I can switch again to full speed of development.
Yesterday I added e.g. a function to invert values in DEFB data lines, and today I will play with MegaLZ compression in DEFB data lines...
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