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Tutorial: How to Write a Pac Man Clone in ZX Basic
Nowhere near finished, but it turning into a hefty dissertation on how to use ZX Basic.

Complaints about errors, typos, not finishing it for the next five years, and inability to write back to me please.
looks nice so far,

I always wondered how to do graphics with more than 24 characters, thanks
I still think we should group all of this into a single place, in a sort of "Social" site, were everyone post their tutos, libs, snippets, and so on and are credited for their work. Neither the forum nor the wiki are suitable to publish such docs, IMHO. :?
I haven't find time to start it, but I think in a short period of time I will do.

Ah, and this tuto is amazing, as usual coming from britlion! Smile
Thankyou! I just hope I can finish this thing.

I'm rambling in it, I think. Almost 12,000 words, and I still haven't got a ghost to move.

It's becoming a treatise on programming in general *laugh* And I'm so the wrong person to write that. With asides in maths. Meh. Hopefully, when done, reorganized and broken into sections it will be an interesting read for /someone/.
One of my talents is being able to use very few words to express complicated ideas, I could take a look when its done and maybe make some suggestions
All suggestions are certainly welcome. If there's a part that's completely unclear, I need to rewrite it, probably.

It's obviously a work in progress, right now. But I hope it's helpful - you already said that the bank flipping UDG idea was handy.

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