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Was thinking of doing some scroll routines. I see there are some useful ones in scroll.bas in the library.

However, there appears to be a left, right and another left in there - no up and down!

sub fastcall ScrollRight
sub fastcall ScrollLeft
sub fastcall ScrollLeft

two also begin a bit strangely - loading the byte at (screenaddress) twice?

Are these okay? Do we need replacements?
I have never used scroll, so dunno how they act under gaming conditions
Not sure how you got them. They should not be bundled with the compiler.
I stop programming them, to address more important issues.
Horizontal scroll is pixel by pixel.
I can finish scroll (and roll) in the 4 directions (Up, Down, Left, Right). But pixel by pixel scroll is slow.
A better routine would be:
  • Scroll within a given window (e.g. x, y, height, width)
  • Scroll the given amount of pixels. This is more interesting, but I guess it's much harder when done horizontally.
  • Scroll colors (attributes)
I will try to work out pixel by pixel scroll within a given window.
Window scroll up is already in wiki library. Scroll down would be a trivial alteration from that.

Left and right is a matter of using 9 bit rotates to carry to next byte - for a single pixel. More than one pixel is a bit tougher to do.
I recall there's already a SC/ROLL (Roll means exiting pixels reenter the opposite side) in a MicroHobby machine listing.
I think I could rip them from there.
what do the four numbers represent?

Cant figure it out!!

Whenever I make changes to the numbers the results make no sense

If I change the first 2 numbers to zero the same scroll happens at 40,40
then other numbers when increased make the window smaller!
You mean <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... owScrollUp</a><!-- m --> ?

Unless it broke somewhere, and I remember correctly (it's been years); X and Y should be the top left corner, and the other two numbers are the width and height of the window.
It's in the demo folder of the latest release

The demo prints a bunch of letters to the screen, then they are scrolled in all directions
The numbers dont seem to behave as I would expect, can someone take a look?

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