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Version 1.2.8 Released!
This version is (IMHO) tested enough, and so, released as Stable.
You can download it here

NOTE: This is revision 1.2.8 s758
If you already have it, you don't need to download it again.

Changelog since 1.2.7:
* Code rearranged and reestructured for future refactorizations.
*! Complete rewritten backend (or almost!) to fix a bug in code
:generation which was being suboptimal. Now generated code is
:much faster and take less memory than before!
*+ Added support for Bitwise syntax (|, &, ~)
*! Fixed some bugs in ASM
*! Fixed some bugs in the peephole optimizer (-O3)
*! Fixed a bug with line continuation comments /' ...
*! Fixed bugs in ASM parser regarding to comments
*+ Added ATTRADDR function in <attrib.bas>
*! Many more bugs fixed related to STRING memory leak
*! Fixed a bug related to parameters.
* Some optimizations for code size and speed for FLOAT types
* Optimization for STRING parameters
* Optimization for 32 bit values
*! Fixed a bug for Uinteger/Integer arrays assignation
*! Fixed 2 bugs in CAST operation and type conversion
*! Fixed a bug in OVER attribute during PRINT
* Added PONG game example
*! Fixed a bug in POKE
*! PRINT optimized and slighty faster. Now fully compatible with
:SINCLAIR BASIC (no Out of Screen error on program exit)
*! CSRLN and POS optimized to this new PRINT SCHEME!
... and much much more

Well done, Boriel! That was a lot of hard work!
Congratulations for releasing the next version that short after my birthday...
Congratulations for your birthday :!: (my fault, I didn't enter the forum very often this last week, but I've been very busy: maybe you didn't notice, but and many other stuff is now hosted in my own internet server Wink).

Now it's time to move into 1.2.9. This version won't have new features you can perceive, except the "Static FOR" discussed here: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">post2209.html?hilit=static%20for#p2190</a><!-- l --> and probably READ, DATA and RESTORE compatibility (This is useless for advaced users like you, but will make translating old Sinclair BASIC programs much easier, and encourage compiler usage for novice users, IMHO).
No problem, I just turned 40 and my midlife crisis will start.

I hope, static FOR will not make other FOR slower or introduce new bugs. You are right, READ, DATA and RESTORE are useless for me, but surely not for others, novice users. I was more hoping for SELECT and CASE and maybe Sprites, but always nice to be surprised with unexpected features. Anyway, I'm still happy that ZXBC is still growing.
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