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do someone know how can we have as command from Bash, and having Boriel's zx-spectrum compiler placed in some directory inside '/opt/'?
this question is because:

1- would be great having a more comfortable way to use the compiler from the terminal, without having to do a 'cd' inside the compiler directory, just like using tools like zmakebas (available in Ubuntu and Debian repository)

2- would help package maintainers to help creating a package, in formats like .deb, .rpm, etc., and having it available defaulty in their repositories, like on Ubuntu or Debian, we only needed to enter 'sudo apt-get install borielzxspectrumcompiler' (if this could be the name of the package), for installing it

any help is very welcome! thanks! Smile
You can unzip ZX BASIC in any directory of your choice. E.g. you can put it on /opt/zxbasic/
The you have to add that directory to your PATH. In Linux this is usually done in the .bashrc file, adding the directory to your $PATH environment var.
For example, for /opt/zxbasic, add the following line to your ~/.bashrc file:
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/zxbasic
Save, exit an reenter in linux. It should work. :roll:
thanks! Smile

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