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Thought I'd post a few shots of the game that I've been working on practically forever. It's 99% done, I'd say. Just need that final push to finish the last few things off.

It's a bog-standard 1982-style 'paint the maze' game in an arcade style. Avoid the monsters or sacrifice some of your bonus to make them vanish for a few seconds. Ten different mazes (played out in a random order, in a variety of colour schemes), high score table, three difficulty levels, yada yada yada. Smile

Hope it looks interesting. Smile

[Image: ip5zeu.png] [Image: 5fetj9.png] [Image: euqyv6.png]

Edit: The game is now out! Grab it from WOS:
Looks cool, very retro. I'm looking forward to play it.
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I've given a talk about ZX Basic, and entered the gallery, looked into this thread and everybody was astonished with these screenshots! 8) You HAVE to finish this game and publish it.
He he, thanks everyone. I did a little work yesterday sorting a few things out, I just need to finalise the sounds and polish a few things up and I think I'm done. That last push is always the most difficult, of course. Smile
Just as a little update, today I completed the last of the things on my 'to do' list. The game is now code-complete, it just needs a final bug-hunt and a loading screen and I think I'm done. I'm hopeful to get to a release within a week or so. 8)
Looks great. The first maze reminds me something... Wink

Yes, that one might be a little familiar...! Big Grin

I've built a release candidate today and it's in final testing at the minute. Already changed a couple of things based on feedback and noticed myself that I'd got up and down reversed on the Sinclair Joystick controls. Ooooops!
Well, I decided to bite the bullet and release! I added a link to the game to the first post, I hope you all like it (and that I got all the bugs!).

Feel free to let me know what you think, I can take criticism. Big Grin

Thanks to everyone who helped me out during its development, especially boriel (without whom this would never have been completed) and LCD (who always seems to have answers to my questions). Cheers, guys!
Once uploaded to WOS, update the URL above to the game page! Tongue

I NEED to make a game! Sad
Will do!

I hope you can make games faster than I can make games, boriel. I'm averaging one release about every four years. :-D
Hey, nice work! Smile I've just tried it and its difficult and addictive, like the good'old times games Big Grin I've just managed to get to the 3rd screen, but I hope to get later in the game.
BTW, how do you upload your game to WOS? Using this form (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) or there are any other way?

You can FTP it directly, but I just use the form because you need to submit a form anyway even if you do upload it yourself.

Is this your game, by the way?
Yes, but I didn't uploaded it :-?¿?¿?¿?
Interesting.... someone did! :-)

I look forward to trying it out tonight.
The WOS entry is now online, so I've updated the link. :-)

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