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Japan Tsunami Appeal (open ZX firmware)
As some of you will be aware, I've been tinkering with an open source version of SE Basic that could be distributed with hardware without infringing Amstrad's copyright. I'm pleased to say the project is now viable, although it is not yet written.

I've also said I would only release it in exchange for a sack of cash. So let me quantify that: I want 100 people to donate a minimum of £10/€10 each to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

You can sign up here:

If you are based in the UK you can make your donation here:

If you are based in Spain you can make your donation here:

I know it's called pledgebank but I want you to donate now. This is an honour system. If you say you've donated £10/€10 or more I'll assume you have.

Please sign up by July 1st.

Thank you.


P.S. I have donated £10 to get the ball rolling

The total has now reached 17 (13 of which have paid up already). It would be lovely to get to 20 this week. So to encourage you here's a progress report:

* More than 60% of the ROM is now fully functional and unencumbered by Amstrad code.
* The ROM is functionally compatible with SE Basic 2.21
* As far as I can tell, everything that ran on the 2.21 ROM still works.
* New RENUM routine. It only accepts the first two parameters, but it isn't broken either.
* New tokenizer. You can now enter INK and it will automatically be translated to PEN.
* 60 abbreviated commands:
A.TTR           ED.IT           LO.AD           RA.NDOMIZE
BE.EP           ER.ASE          ME.RGE          RE.AD
B.IN            E.XP            M.OVE           REN.UM
BO.RDER         FL.ASH          NE.XT           RES.TORE
BR.IGHT         F.ORMAT         N.OT            RET.URN
CH.R$           GOS.UB          ON.ERR          R.ND
CI.RCLE         G.OTO           OP.EN#          SA.VE
CLE.AR          I.NK            OV.ER           S.CREEN$
CL.OSE#         INKE.Y$         PA.PER          SO.UND
C.ODE           INP.UT          PAL.ETTE        ST.R$
CON.TINUE       INV.ERSE        PAU.SE          T.AB
DA.TA           L.EN            PE.EK           TH.EN
D.EFFN          LI.NE           PL.OT           U.SR
DEL.ETE         LL.IST          P.OINT          V.AL$
DR.AW           LP.RINT         PR.INT          VE.RIFY
* Macros for the following tokens:
* INSERT ([G]) mode now has it's own cursor (an I beam)

Thanks again to everyone who has already contributed.
Just a quick update to let you know the ROM is finished and in testing. Please pledge to ensure it gets released:
Since I have 25 pledges I've released the assembly file to generate the first 4K of the ROM.
Well we're now almost a third of the way there with more than two months to go. Keep those pledges coming folks.
We're now at 35 pledges and I'm going to stop nagging now. Please pass the word around and encourage others to donate.
More than halfway there with the appeal in the first month:
Just 28 pledges needed now. The project is now built using GNU binutils. All the files except the main source file are now available here:
cheveron Wrote:Éxito!

Hurray!!! Big Grin Thank you *VERY* much!
Español: ¡Hurra! Big Grin *MUCHAS* gracias.

Como sabréis, Andrew liberaría el código de una nueva ROM para el Spectrum si se alcanzaban 100 donaciones para Japón y así ha sido :-)
Acaba de liberar el código en los enlaces puestos allí arriba!

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