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Run Time error in Footy code.
1.2.8-s644 Still isn't running correctly.

My half build football manager program gives an out of memory error at some early string handling. Goes right past that if compiled with 1.26.

I tried to attach a file, here, but couldn't.

With 1.2.8-s644 this breaks at line 438, just after the print 2. With 1.26 it works (it breaks later. Haven't investigated that).

Always compiled with --debug-array --debug-memory (not with O3).
This is a very *nasty* hidden bug that was affecting normal string usage. Please download and test. Also, this bug might be silently affecting other BASIC programs apparently running ok :!: Please, everybody download the new version 1.2.8s655.

Try this and tell me. BTW, the file uploading is now fixed and reenabled. :wink:
Note: after re-running your program I got a subscript out of range error. But don't know whether this is related to your code or the compiler one. :?:
Reran all my usual tests without any noticeable issues, boriel. :-)
It certainly seems happier. There's that error later I need to track down, mind Smile

But yes, I can throw strings around again! Yay!
Fixed type is bugged (not ported to the new stack-scheme). I expect it to be finished in a while (will upload it tonight).
Update: well, I've uploaded rev. 1.2.8s679 Available at the Download Page (as usual).

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