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Netbook dont run zxb.exe (*solved*)
Under win xp my netbook do not run zxb executable file.
It is the first time I have this problem.
Perhaps due to core changes?
compiuter Wrote:Under win xp my netbook do not run zxb executable file.
It is the first time I have this problem.
Perhaps due to core changes?
I use Win XP as testing machine.

Cut & paste the error msg here, please. Confusedhock:
Also, type zxb --version and tell me the version. If you can't run the file, you can get the version from the .msi file suffix (1.2.x-ryyyyy).
Also please try uninstalling and reinstalling the compiler entirely.
I can not run the file zxb.exe.
In the first version installing and desinstalling in control panel.
And in the other extracting the dir.
Netbook is an Acer Aspire one solid disc 8gb, 1m ram.
In my portable acer travelmate 5510 dual core it works correctly.
I install zxb in c:\zxb directory.
The version is zxbasic-1.2.8r2139.msi
If the .zip (exe) version also fails, then this is not related to installation (.msi).
Something is prevented python to exec. If you have an antivirus on that machine, try disabling it for a while and execute.
The .exe version is very similar to a "compressed exe" file, and some antivirus give false positives. Also other programs might prevent its execution (e.g. antispyware, etc).
All antivirus and antispy deactivated, dont run.
I reinstall zxb 126 r1713 and run ok.
Perhaps the solution for netbook is use this version with the new added libraries.
There is no error msg when executing zxb.exe??
No, just the file is not executable is the only message.
And does the same file execute in your other latptop?? Confusedhock:
The same install file.The file zxb.exe cant execute, the same occurs with 127 final version 127 2114
i€ think It´s posible due to the change in library python26.dll instead python25.dll, perhaps the netbook cant process this version if it run faster?
The only way is overwriting the path files with old version files.
Maybe a bad downloaded file or CRC Error on USB stick? I had the same issue. After redownloading it was working okay. On the other hand, 1m RAM is not enough memory, unless you wanted to write 1g...
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Sure my error, It has 512mb, and added 1gb or 512mb, I din´t remember now.
The problem is solved overlapping versions. I downloaded the legacy version 126 and has the same problem.
For someone with the same problem, I think not crc or corruption problem, the solution is install 126r1713 or r1317?, and paste libraries and folders of last version over 126r1713. Not overwrite zxb.exe
I test attr new items getattr works fine now with this system.
A better solution would be to try to install Python. If that works you can just use the .zip package distribution of ZXBasic, which uses the pure .py files rather than compiling them up into .exe files. That would save you from having to mix potentially incompatible compilers and libraries together.

I don't think I've ever seen a Windows machine fail to recognise an .exe file as executable, though. That's decidedly weird.
I never got installed python, perhaps I´ll try. Thx.
Believe it or not, I have found a bug in my exe packaging setup. Please, download new version r573 (yes, the revision scheme has changed). Download it here, and tell me: here.

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