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Problems with -Z option (*solved*)
LTee Wrote:Sorry for being a pest, boriel, but I still can't get this working if I use the -Z option.

If I try to compile the following with 2098:
Never a pest, LTee. In fact, that's what's made the compiler the good tool (I think) it's today!
Thanks a lot for your work :!: :wink:
LTee Wrote:using the command line:
zxb attrtest.bas -T -B -a -Z

I still get this:
attrtest.bas:1: Undeclared function "ATTR"
However, point 5 above (#including attr.bas) DOES work if I leave the -Z option off! I only get the fail message if I include -Z.
When you use -Z, the compiler must include attr.bas automatically. It isn't doing it. I guess this is due to the major changes introduced in 1.2.7. Will look into it...

From 1.2.6 onwards, every release includes a major change. This way I hope to converge to 2.0 (Multiarchitecture, object oriented programming, user defined types, pointers, dyamic arrays and so on :wink: ). I think this is a good approach (step by step, or kaizen), instead of rewritting from scratch. :?:
Absolutely, I agree 100% that this is the best way to do it.

Problems like these never hold me up because I always keep several versions on hand 'just in case'. Of course, getting time to actually work on my game is another thing altogether. Big Grin
Okay, download and test 1.2.7-r2100 plase (pretty number, by the way). :mrgreen:
Here, as always: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... IC:Archive</a><!-- m -->
Success! Everything seems to be working fine again now.

Thanks for your efforts, boriel - hopefully it wasn't too difficult to track down. :-)

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