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ZXBasic 1.2.6-r1561
This is a new beta version (released a minute ago :!Smile. Basically it adds 3 new command line parameters:
  • --strict-boolean will enforce boolean results to be always 0 or 1 (with a slight impact on performance). Using --sinclair also enables this feature.
  • --debug-array will raise an error if an array access is made out of boundaries (3 Subscript Wrong)
  • --debug-memory will raise an error when out of memory. This might happen when working with strings

Using --debug-xxx will affect a bit the program speed (due to extra checking). So this should only be used during development stage. :wink:

Download at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> as always...
Uploaded a new version, 1.2.6-r1561b which corrects SEVERE bugs in string comparisons. It seems they were all wrong because the central comparison routine were bugged. The odd thing is it passed preliminary test last year... :?: :|
Anyway, download again 1.2.6, please.
Wow. Now those options are awesome. I'm looking forward to testing code with them.


Boriel.... thanks. Your dedication to the project is admirable.

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