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Weirdness MK II
I seem to be just posting stuff that baffles me. I might work it out, but here we go:

The code is actually sent "AA" as a string right here. It comes back as "nn" apparently. Which is odd.

FOR i=0 to 1 step 2: REM Just grab the first two temporarily. Change this for the whole input later!
   LET leftChar = CODE characters$ (i to i)
   LET rightChar = CODE characters$ (i+1 to i+1)
   print leftChar, rightChar
   print CHR$(leftChar), CHR$(rightChar)
   print CHR$(110), CHR$(110)
next i

The really weird thing is the result:

110     110
q       n
n       n

And a line of corrupted screen a little further down.

That screen corruption has me worried. But the results table implies that CHR$(110) comes out sometimes as "q" and sometimes as "n". I think.

Oh, incidentally, string slicing using string(i) doesn't work again. Have to use string(i TO i); otherwise it insists it's not an array and sulks.

However, string(3) [As a number, not a variable] seems to work just fine.
I just tried compiling this little gem all on its own, and it works perfectly (with a LET characters$="AA" at the top).

As part of my big

So, deleted the whole thing in frustration and moved onto another project.

The problem seems to be something along the lines of small pieces of code are fine, and large programs behave oddly.

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