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#include MACRO
(08-24-2021, 07:41 AM)boriel Wrote: Include macro means you can #define MACRO <something> and later do #include MACRO so it will get replaced and do the include properly. This allows dynamically including things even from the command line. For example:
#define CONCAT(x,y)  x##y
#define TO_STR(x)  #x

#ifndef LANG
#  warning no LANG defined, using default EN
#  define LANG EN

#include TO_STR(CONCAT(LANG, _lang.bas)

This can be compiled with
zxbc file.bas -D LANG=ES

which will define the macro LANG with the value es, so the file "ES_lang.bas" will be included instead of "EN_lang.bas" which is the default in this program.

#include MACRO means, MACRO can be any expression that, when resolved, leads to <XXXX> or "XXXX"

Thank you ! :-)

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