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loading files from +3 dsk
assembly was just the starting point, and that seems okay for now

the problem is on the last example, using asm..endasm inside sub..endsub, so i guess it's now more difficult to have it back as asm only...

sub specpls3loaddskfile(tfnmad1 as uinteger,tadr1 as uinteger,tlng1 as uinteger)
  poke uinteger @sp3ldfb1v1b,tfnmad1
  poke uinteger @sp3ldfb1v2b,tadr1
  poke uinteger @sp3ldfb1v3b,tlng1
    ld bc,$0501
    ld de,$0001
    ld hl,(sp3ldfb1v1a)
    call $0106  ;- dos_open
    ld de,(sp3ldfb1v3a)
    ld hl,(sp3ldfb1v2a)
    ld bc,$0500
    call $0112  ;- dos_read
    ld b,$05
    call $0109  ;- dos_close
    call $019C  ;- dd_l_off_motor
    jp sp3ldfb1e
    end asm
    defb 0,0
    end asm
    defb 0,0
    end asm
    defb 0,0
    end asm
    end asm
  end sub

the code is a "mess", but it is working a bit better than it was - it had a bug related to ix register that seems to cause some interference with +3 loading bios routines (no idea why and what caused that)

and now, that code above is only working one time, not all the times i need it to work (like a slideshow, for example) - this is the bug i was talking about 

about Bch, sad that the file was deleted (and mediafire is known as crappiest file host "service" around), and the video there were also removed, so i also wonder how easily can Bch be contacted

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