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Game is crashing due to out of memory (48k) (*solved*)

I am writing a text adventure game (simply for my own fun) rather than use the other systems out there e.g. PAW Infocom, DAAD, TADS,  Aventuron etc... I wanted the challenge in writing one for the ZX Spectrum . :-)

The biggest issue I had was the amount of Text that needed storing.
At first I was going to use some sort of compression but couldn't get it work so I created a tokenised dictionary that turned string arrays (Locations, Objects, Examination results etc...)  to numeric arrays thus the memory was reduced quite a bit. So I thought this would suffice but I soon ran out of memory.

I then attempted to look into the text compression again and then worked out how to do this, but due to the size of the dictionary which was needed still it crashed when there was a decompression of the location file.

I also attempted to use +3 Disk but whilst I was able to a) load a picture b) load a text it crashed subsequent attempts. (Memory clash perhaps)?

So I am here looking for some hints/tips on the options I have.
I do have another plan though where I will try to rewrite it but this time start using text compression from the start.... we will see ... but the main thing for me is

Thanks to Boriel bringing the ZXB to use and Einar Saukas for their both their support :-)

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Game is crashing due to out of memory (48k) (*solved*) - by RandomiserUsr - 04-25-2021, 01:34 PM

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