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Potential bug in impl of LOAD "..." CODE
The sequence shown in your screenshot is, indeed, this one:
    ld hl, 0
    add hl, sp
    ld (TMP_SP), hl   ;; Stores current SP for later
    ld bc, -18
    add hl, sp
    ld sp, hl         ;; Reserves 18 bytes in the stack (like doing PUSH HL 9 times)

    ld (TMP_HEADER), hl   ;; Stores current SP Value in TMP_HEADER
    push hl
    pop ix            ;; Make IX to point to this stack space

;; LD-LOOK-H --- RIPPED FROM ROM at 0x767
    push ix           
Yes, this looks like a bug in LOAD "" CODE, since it shoud be add hl, bc!
Will send you a fixed version.

Remeber the stack grows down, as you probably already know, and must be set *below* your program. If you compile with
a BASIC loader will be generated. This BASIC loader will set SP (with CLEAR) correctly. For example, is your programs is at 32768 (the default), there will be a CLEAR 32767 (so the stack will start below this position and never overlap with your compiled code).

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