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Optimisation level 3 Bug (*solved*)
boriel Wrote:
LCD Wrote:??? You surely mean to compile it with -O2 and then -O3 again... No problem, I will do so.
Quote:Sorry, I didn't explain very well. I meant: use -O2 at first and test your program. Then recompile with -O3 and test your program again. Both version should behave the same way. Wink

I also forgot to mention that since version 1.1.5 the ELSEIF construct is also available. Wink So, you now can do:
IF <condition> THEN
ELSEIF <condition> THEN
ELSEIF <condition> THEN  : REM many times....
ELSE : REM ELSE is optional
Okay, I understand...

I greatly welcome the arrival ELSEIF command!!! :-) Thanks!
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