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Error "4 Out of memory, 0:1"
Hi to all,
I've completed a program which I'd like to fit into a 16K Spectrum using the lastest 1.8.9 ZXB version. After a long play, the program crashes returing an annoying "4 Out of memory, 0:1", this happens in 48K mode too.

I incuded a couple of libraries: attr.bas and screen.bas, got no string variables (all the strings are included directly in PRINT commands), so i set a low value for the heap: --heap=256.

The program starts at --org=24000 and the generated memory_map.txt file says that the heap starts at "7337: .ZXBASIC_MEM_HEAP" (29495).
The rest of my custom machine code starts at 30.000 and ends at 32767... so all seems at the right place!

Any idea about the cause of the damned crash, which happens after some minutes of normal and working play?! It seems something like an accumulation of data in memory which goes out of bounds, needing some kind of reset :-(

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