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Scroll x 2 pixels, 4 pixels and 8 pixels (char level)
I am still learning and reading about most stuff, and I run across the scroll.bas library from Boriel that comes with ZXBasic. It was kinda impressive to see that kind of smooth scroll on a spectrum, and even if it is "attribute free", you can get nice results with clever programming of the colors.

As I am trying to scroll a big screen, even if the function is fast, I would like to do it by 2 pixels instead of one. Of course I can execute the function 2 times, but it shows the scroll when it moves every pixel so the result is the same. Is the code modificable in any way so the scroll is done by 2, 4 or even 8 pixels? That last option would be a great way to scroll screens, though I will have to deal with attributes of course.

If it is not possible, is there any "print" alternative fast enough to be able to simulate a scroll by char?

Thanks Smile

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