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List of ZX Basic supported engines
oblo Wrote:ZXodus][Engine: here and here (but engine download link is not found)

Do you have more information about them or more engines to add to the list? It would be nice to have a repository with all of them.

The ZXodus][Engine is a bit of a special case. The other 'engines' are really just rendering frameworks. They handle things like rainbow processing, sprites, tiles and maps. You still have to write all your game logic yourself. The ZXodus][Engine is a full game engine for making cRPG-type games. Most of the game logic is already provided. Most of the game creation revolves around the creation of assets (tiles, maps, music, dialogue trees and so on). The ZXodus][Engine uses a subset of Boriel's ZX Basic Compiler as a scripting language to control game events. It also differs in that it is commercial closed source software.

The project is currently on hold while I work on the Chloe 280SE FPGA computer. The ZXodus][Engine will be the last program I write for the Spectrum. When it's done I'll be switching exclusively to writing apps for the 280SE.

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