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Negative STEP does not work (*solved*)
LCD Wrote:Thanks! Downloading it... Btw: I think, it will be possible to change SpLib (Sprite Library from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) from Z88dk to your compiler and write a wrapper, after removing Hires and hicolor code. The only problem I ecountered, is the transfer of parameters, even without optimisations switched on, it often do not work, even not with dummy variables. Example:
Sub PutGfx(x,y,adr)
    ld hl,(_adr)
    ld b,(_x)
    ld c,(_y)
   end asm
end sub
I was checking how you do transfer parameters to ASM in Librarys, and you are using the stack pointer. Clever! I will try the new version out later today.

Yes, that's it. I use IX as a stack pointer. A tip to guess the parameter address:
Sub PutGfx(x,y,adr)

Compile with -A flag only. This will give you unoptimized assebler code. Now edit the generated .asm file and you will see there the addresses of parameters adr, x and y. I think I need to write a tutorial. :!:

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