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Negative STEP does not work (*solved*)
LCD Wrote:DIM'ed variable should create a label in any case. At least there could be a option to do so.
Hey! That's a GREAT idea! :!: Thanks a lot. I think I could implement them as a macro so you cuould do something like:
Function f
  DIM a as byte
End Function

The local variable 'a' (parameters are also local variables in the end) could be translated as:
#define _f_a  ix + 3
Notice the _f (function name) is prepended to the variable names defined into that funcion. This is because there could be more than one "a" variable (one in the global scope and another in the local scope). So now you can do this:
ld a, (_f_a)
add a, 2
ld (_f_a), a ; LET a = a + 2

┬┐What do you think?

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