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Best way to put UDG in my program ?
ivanb303 Wrote:
ivanb303 Wrote:Yes that makes sense but I don't where it should jump or RETurn. It would have to be after the JR NZ. I would want it to then continue the ZX listing past the END ASM. Can you jump to labels outside the ASM from inside the ASM section ?

I'm a bit lost as to where you'd put a RET because in the other thread where you told me not to put a RET in my ASM section cause you have to let the Boriel compiler return by itself. I guess I could add a jump to just past the DEFB ?

Maybe you can - you could put a :labelname at the end and use jp labelname before the defb statements. Assuming you didn't mess up the contents of registers the compiler would assume are there, mind. This is why adding in code can be tricky.

I suspect something like this shouldn't be in the main code path, and should be a called subroutine of its own, probably.

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